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Welcome to Creative Ideas Consulting!

"Creativity at your service"

Creative Ideas Consulting provides new perspectives, illuminates solutions and inspires new lines of thought. We are as fast as the internet, and as convenient as Email. Let us show you how valuable ideas can be delivered worldwide in the blink of an eye - imagine ... all you can imagine!

Please note, we are interested in projects for meritorious purposes. Non-profits, community organizations and charities are all provided services for free - the normal costs, per project or per hour for our consultancy, being prohibitively expensive otherwise.

The bottom line:

Please look over the articles found at "Proof of Concept" where you may see cases from our research phase. These postings are meant to exemplify our range- then "make us an offer we can't refuse." We have done trades, bartering and other and exchanged favors. Also, look over our Mission Statement to understand our unique motivation and circumstances.

Or view our Co-Ventures to see some of the cooperative ventures we are working on.

Want more news with your news?

The public record is surprisingly complete regarding current affairs, not that the news stories are detailed but this is a review of what is found in the corporate mainstream press, The Weather Report is updated as I find stories and post the links to them. If that whets your appetite you can visit Creative Ideas for Political Solutions and Evolutions if you want to see a party platform that might be for you.

Christmas year round?

Here's my own Christmas carol "When there's Christmas in the Air" - season's best from all of us at Creative Ideas!

What's in our name?

Curious about the neological lexicology of our logo? Please visit: Logo Linguistics. Or, if you've the time, visit some Creative Ideas Links a collection handy for those beginning to build their own sites, as well as one that I credit with assisting me in my research into the nature of creativity.

Links anyone?

We also have an excellent set of Creativity Links where you can find some of our competitors, get up to date information on the current research into creativity, or learn a something about yourself.

Mission Statement:

Creativity is a gift I enjoy. I simply cannot use all the ideas that come to mind. As I would like to see some of these ideas tried in the world so I began Creative Ideas.

My purpose: to explore how I and the other consultants I work with can share our talent for creating ideas with individuals, companies, corporations, and nonprofit charitable organizations through this web site.

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Creativity Links

Creativity Organizations | Consultants and Trainers
Education and Related Programs | Inventions | Various and Sundry


Creativity Organizations

National and international organizations of creativity and related fields.

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Consultants and Trainers

Here are links to other organizations that also provide consulting services. Creative Ideas is unable to endorse any of the organizations listed.

Our newest entry: The way an individual is neurologically equipped to receive information and to relate to his environment not only influences his behavior but also his perception of the world. It is for this very reason that TPsyMetric Solutions was created by Dr. Greg A. Grove, , Educational Consultant and Psychometrist. With more than 28 years of educational experience as teacher,administrator, and college professor, Dr. Grove is available to discuss your educational needs.

  • The Thinking Coach The Thinking coach uses cutting edge creative and strategic thinking ideas. We train and coach clients to make decisions under pressure in a progressive, clear and systematic way while helping them to maximize their human capital resources.
  • Advanced Practical Thinking Training, Inc.- dedicated to advancing worldwide the use of Dr. Edward de Bono's thinking methods.
  • Basadur Simplex: Center for Research in Applied Creativity- dedicated to get applied creative thinking technology implemented in organizations.
  • Blair Miller and Associates- trainers,presenters and facilitators specializes in problem solving, creativity and personal effectiveness.
  • Business Solutions- The positively- A results oriented training and consulting organization that uses tools such as Creative Problem Solving to develop positive solutions to challenges and opportunities helping individuals and organizations realize their goals.
  • Center for Creative Leadership- an international,nonprofit educational institution committed to enhancing the understanding and development of leadership in an increasingly complex and demanding world.
  • Center for Creative Learning, Inc.-offering publications, training, evaluation and consulting services, research on creativity, Creative Problem Solving, and talent development.
  • Center for Research in Applied Creativity/Centre de Recherches en Creativit'e Appliqué's- offering Creative Problem Solving facilitation and training, and ways to assess the creative environment and personal creative preferences.
  • Center for Research on Creativity and Innovation (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)- conducts research on ways to improve creativity of individuals and teams in organizations.
  • Computer Aided Creativity- specializes in the development and global marketing of computer software to enhance stimulate,and train human creativity.
  • Creative Aerobics-uses advanced ideation and mindset breaking techniques to develop powerful consumer insights, innovative communication ideas, and effective marketing strategies.
  • Creative Links- dedicated to fostering creative talents and skills, so that people can make positive changes in their work environments and their communities.
  • Creative Problem Solving Group-Buffalo (CPS-B)- committed to helping people in organizations understand and use their creative talents.
  • Creative Thinking Association- co-founded by Mike Vance and Diane Deacon to encourage creative thought,stimulate creative action, and teach "out of the box thinking".
  • CREATIVITY- Enchanted Mind- dedicated to combine humor, inspiration and special techniques to enhance creativity. Create flexibility in your brain and mind by expanding yourself daily with these simple exercises.
  • Creativity Quotient- a consultant and trainer in creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Directed Creativity- dedicated to the idea that creative thinking is a natural ability that everyone possesses, but few know how to use effectively; focuses on the serious use of creativity in business.
  • Double Dominance, Inc.- Creative problem solving workshops, led by Steve Grossman, help businesses apply their own innovative potential for solving high-value business problems.
  • Facilitation Plus Consulting- a consulting firm specializing in applying creative problem-solving techniques, most notably the Synectics® methodology, to the needs, challenges and opportunities of nonprofit organizations (including educational institutions), government agencies, and small businesses.
  • Hermann International: The Ned Hermann Group- learn more about how your brain and mind function, and how you interact with other people and situations, why you are successful or satisfied at work and how to become more effective.
  • Idea Connections- innovation management and communications consultants focusing on helping organizations grow their top line revenue, bottom line profit, and employee commitment and morale.
  • Innovation Systems Group- a consulting and training organization dedicated to helping the people in your organization apply their creativity to create extraordinary results.
  • Kirton Adaptation Innovation Web Site- dedicated to improving problem solving for groups, management teams, organizations and individuals through hAdaption-Innovation (A-I) Theory and the accompanying psychometric instrument, Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI).
  • Leadership 2000, Inc.- provides facilitation and technology that helps people make collaborative, creative and positive change on an ongoing basis rather than by simply reacting to change.
  • New & Improved - a training and consulting firm that works with people to help them create New and Improved Stuff(people, products, processes).
  • Michael Michalko/Creative Thinking creative- thinking workshops, seminars, and think-tank sessions for clients around the world.
  • Richard's Saunders International Eureka! Ranch- dedicated to helping people inspire and communicate wicked good ideas that sell.
  • Robert Allen Black- programs offer participants immediately usable workplace and personal techniques that will increase their creativeness and leadership abilities straight-away, improving both their organization's top and bottom lines, while improving morale, loyalty and commitment.
  • Roger von Oech an internationally recognized leader in stimulating creativity and innovation.
  • Scientific Method- Increase Your Earnings through Learning The Complete Method of Creative Problem-Solving-Making
  • Synectics(R)- a world leader in the management of innovation and change.
  • Technical Innovation Center- one of the premier companies providing TRIZ training, consulting and publishing services.
  • United Innovations-provides organizational planning, process consultation, problem solving, and human resource development through training.
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Educational and Related Programs

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Pragmatic creativity to us means invention. Here are several sites with information for or about inventions.

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Various and Sundry

These are some other creativity related sites.

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